When it comes to dishes, do I need to add more than just sauce and cheese?

Oct 30, 2021 Stove

A recent survey has found that most Canadians are in favour of a “cheese-and-sauce” menu that includes a couple of extra toppings.

The survey, carried out by the Public Policy Forum and conducted for the National Post and CBC, polled 1,000 Canadians aged 18 and over.

While respondents were split on the subject, almost two-thirds said they’d be willing to consider a change if the menu contained less cheese and sauce.

“I think we’re all on the same page here,” said the respondent.

“In Canada, the people that eat cheese and sauces are people that have an average income, and they tend to be wealthier and better educated, and people tend to have higher incomes.

So they tend not to eat a lot of cheese and stuff, and that’s the problem.”

The survey also found that 61 per cent of respondents would consider the addition of a cheese and a sauce on the menu, and almost half said they would be willing if the dish included “more of a creamy base” as well.

More cheese and cream, and a bigger dish.

In the end, most people who answered the survey were willing to add a cheese-and/or sauce on a dish, but only 38 per cent said they’re willing to have it all covered by the cheese.

“This is where I’d like to see a bit more discussion around cheese and the sauces,” said one respondent, “because if people want to get rid of the sauce, I think that’s okay.

I think it’s a good thing, I don’t think it’ll be a problem.”

What are the top five favourite dishes on the Canadian menu?

The survey asked respondents which dishes were the most popular on the table for them to have.

Of those, the respondents were asked to rate the dishes on a scale from 1 (not at all) to 5 (very much).

“I would definitely say the sauce and the cheese would definitely be the top four,” said a respondent who identified himself as “Mike.”

“It’s not just one dish, it’s four different dishes.

There’s the sauce with the meat and the fish and then there’s the cheese with the chicken and the salad and the sauce.

So the chicken is definitely on top.”

But even with all the sauce on display, the survey also shows that the vast majority of respondents (78 per cent) would consider adding cheese and/or a sauce if they were allowed to do so.

And, as with any survey, the majority of those surveyed (58 per cent, including respondents who said they were not able to eat cheese) would also consider adding the sauce if it was covered by a cheese dish.

“People that don’t like sauce on their dish will not want to have the sauce,” said another respondent, who identified herself as “Bob.”

“And people that don

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