Why the UK’s orange kitchenware is the world’s cheapest

Jul 3, 2021 Chimney

In a move that would have shocked the country, UK householders are shelling out an average of just over £4.50 a month on kitchenware.

The price of the new yellow kitchen ware is about half the price of some European counterparts.

The price of a new kitchen sink, for instance, is £5.35, compared to around £12 in France and Germany.

The rise in the UK was driven by a rising cost of living and a falling price of imported ingredients, the National Statistics Office said in its annual report.

“The average household has been paying around £4,200 more in total per month for kitchenware since 2015,” it said.

“This trend has continued throughout 2017 with the average household now paying around the same amount for kitchen furniture, pots and pans, appliances and other kitchen equipment.”

But what’s behind the surge?

The rise is likely to be partly explained by rising wages, which rose by almost 4 per cent over the year to £46,000.

Meanwhile, the cost of goods including cooking gas, cleaning supplies and electricity has also risen.

In fact, the average monthly bill for the country is now nearly $5,000, up from around $3,200 in the year before.

A rise in household debt, which is now $2,700 a month, was also one of the factors behind the price increase.

However, the government is working on a new strategy to bring down the cost.

Its new strategy includes a range of measures to encourage people to spend more on their household, including a rise in tax breaks for businesses, and introducing a one-off levy of £30 on any household income over £1,500.

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