Why is this kitchenware sold in Israel as “old-school”?

Jul 5, 2021 Water Purifier

It’s not an unusual sight at any restaurant, and the only people who know what to look for in kitchenware are the staff.

But for some Israeli consumers, this trend has become so commonplace that they are actually buying the same items from American suppliers and buying them on the cheap.

They are buying a trend that’s already become the norm, says Avi Rosenblum, head of research and consultancy at retail consultancy Re/Max.

“The trend is so pervasive that it’s not only the consumers who are paying more for old-school products.

You’re also buying them at prices that are very competitive, so they’re not cheap,” he says.

“We’re seeing a trend where we’re paying about 10 percent more for an old-fashioned kitchenware item in Israel than we are for a modern product.”

The trend has begun to affect the prices paid by the customers who bought the items.

The average price paid on items from an American supplier is between $4,000 and $5,000, while the average price of an Israeli one is $3,000 to $4-5,00, says Rosenblamp.

The prices vary depending on the quality and the brand of the item, he adds.

The prices are also significantly higher for kitchenware from foreign manufacturers, says Rami Youssef, head shop manager at the Israel furniture store Shilshole.

“The foreign brands are selling the same product at higher prices,” he adds, noting that there are also other products that are cheaper from the United States.

The trend could be linked to the fact that Americans don’t like to pay higher prices, and in turn, don’t buy the items they do, says Yousseff.

The same goes for Israeli consumers.

According to Re/MAX, the average cost of an American-made kitchenware product was $6,000 in 2015.

The Israeli price was $1,000.

According to Re, the trend is likely to continue for years to come.

“In the future, people are going to find that they don’t need the old-style product, and they’re going to be able to afford the products they need,” says Yousf.

“I don’t think there is going to become a trend of buying from foreign brands.

It’s a trend we’re going through now, but it won’t become a new thing.”

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