New York City to Offer FREE ‘Zest’ Kitchenware to Residents

Jul 8, 2021 Chimney

NEW YORK CITY — New York’s city government is now offering residents free zest food for their kitchenware, according to a city official.

City Council members will soon vote on the measure, which will also allow residents to purchase zest-based cooking supplies in bulk from stores and restaurants.

The City Council unanimously approved the measure last month, but a few members were absent for the vote, which was postponed.

The city’s Department of Sanitation, which oversees food safety, has been testing zest for six months and has found that some items, such as baking pans and dishwashers, are safe.

But some residents have reported experiencing more problems, according the New York Daily News.

The Department of Health, which has not yet made any recommendations on the matter, has also found that the food is not safe, according an announcement on the city’s website.

The New York Public Library has tested zest samples for bacteria and viruses in its library, and officials say the samples are safe for consumption.

Zest is a type of plant material that is naturally present in many foods and is used in a wide variety of kitchen products, including baking pans, stoves, and even household cleaning products.

The zest comes from plants called zucifers and can be bought at most grocery stores.

The measure comes as the city is facing a spike in cases of Legionnaires’ disease, and some residents are questioning why zest is not being offered as a treatment option.ZEST is often used to cook foods like pasta, rice, and other dishes that require cooking time.

Some city officials are concerned that the lack of a treatment is costing New York money.

“I’m not sure if we should be charging for zest, because that’s what we use,” Councilman Daniel Biss, who represents the Bronx borough of Queens, told the New Yorker.

“But if we do, I think we’re wasting money.”

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